Monday - Friday
09:30 AM - 06:00 PM

List of Mentor Names

S. No. Mentor Name Contact No. Email
1 Dr. M. M. P. Akhouri 9810290789 Former Ex. Director, NIESBUD, 
2 Dr. S. P. Mishra 9711005807 Former V.C., D S University, Uttarakhand,
3 Ms. Rita Sen Gupta 9811627306 Former Director, Niesbud, Noida
4 Shri P.K. Arora 9720447744 Ex. DGM & Zonal Head, Allahabad Bank , Lucknow
5 Mr. S. C. Nautiyal 9412381160, 9412054548 Additional Secretory, Dept. of Industries, Govt. of UKD
6 Mr. S. Yadav 9213375860 Retd. Dy. Director, MSME, & Mentor
7 Ms. Ruchi Mohan Rayal 9411107763 DY. Director, Uttarakhand Acadey of Administration, Nainital
8 Mr. Baljeet Sharma 9634199977 Retd. AGM, SBI,Dehradun
9 Dr. A.K. Dimri 9410706050 Regional Director, IGNOU, Chandigarh
10 Mr. Roopali Shrishrimal, 8669975599,
deAsra Foundation,
11 Mr. Rakesh Panwar 9411513783 Branch Manager, Uttarakhand Gramin Bank
12 Dr. M.P.Khali 8057909513 Asst. Director, URID, Rudrapur
13 Prof. M. S. Kumar 9818356256 Faculty & Mentor , JIMS, Noida
14 Ms. Prachi Kaushik 9716255564 CEO, Vyomini, Social Entrepreneur, for Menstrual Hygiene
15 Mr. Ulhas Kamat 9632255990 CEO, I Create, Bangalore.
16 Mr. Anuj Agarwal 9810347977 Cyber Security Advisor to Police
17 Dr. N.R. Rajendra Prasad 7895295465 Mentor/ Guest Faculty
18 Md. Shakeel Ahmad Khan 9990789626 Faculty & Mentor, NSIC, Delhi
19 Er. Akhilesh N. Singh 9811054753 Retd, SAIL, Executive, Lean Mfg. Practitioner
20 Mr. Shikhar Saxena 9719536093 General Manager, DIC,Dehradun,
21 Dr. Alka Pandey 7534915317, 9410132384 Officer, KVIB, Dehradun
22 Mr. V.K. Arora 9811593059 Mentor & Guest Faculty Noida
23 Mr. Ravi gupta 9871213721 Mentor & Guest Faculty, Delhi
24 Mr. Shailesh Gupta 9810719567 Mentor & Guest Faculty, Noida
25 Mr. Purandar Sengupta 8017753419 Accrediated Trainer (NIESBUD), Accredited Entrepreneurship Educator & Mentor (AIMA & EDII-Ahmedabad), Certified Trainer (IFC-World Bank & NIESBUD), Trained Master Trainer (IFC-World Bank & NIESBUD)
26 Mr. Pranav Kumar, CS 9810793994 Comp. Secr., Alacrity Business Solution
27 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Gupta,CA 9810563878 TOT Trained Practicing CA
28 Ms. Rashmi Wadhwa 9987431151 Mentor & Guest Faculty
29 Shri S.P. Nautiyal 9412381160 Mentor & Guest Faculty
30 Shri Rahul Srivastava 9911683244 Certified EDP Trainer & Guest Faculty
31 Ms. Sujata Singh 9410393891 Officer, UW&CD, GoU
32 Ms. Arti Balodi 9411304223 State Nodal Office, UW&CD, GoU
33 Mr. Gopinath Pradhan 9899960393 Professor, IGNOU, Dept of Economic ,
34 Mr. Mahipal Singh Chief Manager,SBI, RO. Dehradun
35 Mr. Arun Verma 9219185328, 7055134444 Mentor & Successful Entrerpreneur
36 Ms. Kavita Chaturvedi 9557722660 Mentor & Successful Entrerpreneur
37 Mr. Kiran Purohit 8126208192 Mentor & Successful Entrerpreneur
38 Mr. Gireesh Kumar 9897483870 Mentor & Successful Entrerpreneur
38 Ms. Manjusha Tagyi 9927866617 Mentor & Successful Entrerpreneur
39 Mr. Rakesh Negi 9411382196 Mentor & Successful Entrerpreneur, UTTES, Dehradun
40 Mr. Rakesh Gupta 7017083524 Development Officer, KVIC

Broad terms of Mentoring

1. Anyone receiving or taking advisory / mentoring services, from any of the listed persons or more of them, in regard to their setting up of, or running of the enterprise, NIESBUD wil/shall in no way be responsible for the correctness or otherwise of the advices, and the members of the public will be doing so entirely at their own risk and responsibility, and bear with the consequences of acting on such advices.

2. It is further advised that, NIESBUD does not recommend paying of any kind of monetary or in kind fee, or charges or favor of any material nature, for the advice or consultation thus given/ received, from any one or more of the listed mentors, in setting up of (his/her) their business or enterprise at any stage of the mentoring process, for any type of advisory/consultancy thus rendered/ received, or in regard to hand holding services, given by any of the persons who are impaneled by NIESBUD, Noida.